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"I design and make timeless contemporary jewellery. Collections full of light and movement, rhythm and flowing forms are created by repeating clean and uncomplicated forms. Silver is rolled through a mill with paper to give delicate subtle textures, after which a blush of gold is added using an electro-plating technique and some pieces incorporate carefully selected gemstones and vivid vitreous enamels"

Electra Cascade Necklace.jpg

Delicately refined with a subtle texture, the silver discs that make up this collection are enhanced with the luxurious warm colour of 24ct gold. Grouped together to form cascading statement necklaces, or simple singles making the most wearable of stud earrings, this collection is timelessly elegant.




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Vitreous enamel, fired onto sterling silver provides the beautiful clear colours in this collection. From wonderful turquoise blues, to muted pink hues, there are 15 shades to choose from, the pure and uncomplicated shape of the circle being repeated throughout for stylish simplicity.


Shimmering silver strands, dipped in rich 24ct gold-plating group together to form this enduring collection. Organic in texture and uncomplicated in form, these strands form dramatic earrings that are light enough to wear all day, and necklaces that add instant glamour and style.